The Infinity Sandal

Okay, so technically they’re called mohop. But The Infinity Sandal is a damn good nickname! Normally, I consider the blurbs from Seattle Picks to be a tad too recycled and wordy (I know, I know, soooo ironic) for my taste. But this one really looks like a gem. And in case you haven’t realized, that shoe pictured to the left is ALL THE SAME SHOE. Just different ribbons strapping it onto the foot!

They come in three different heel heights, as well as different toe shapes, and they come with a set of five different ribbons of your choosing, and you can purchase additional ribbons or just use your own, presumably. And of course, they have really detailed tying instructions, plus a printable sizing chart, and a gallery of all the ideas other customers have come up with — what a refreshingly complete and helpful website!

I think I’m in love! Problem is, I tend to destroy wooden-soled shoes like you wouldn’t (woodent?) believe — I scuff them, I crack or chip off bits of them, etc. And with cheaper shoes that are stained or painted, this means that the exposed chip or crack is a different color. BUT, since these babies appear to be made of solid maple, cherry and walnut, in theory I wouldn’t have that problem. And how great is that? Plus, I bet I could send them back for touching up, or just have my carpenter dad do it for me! Totally going on my wish list.

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