Tokyo Fashion Express

My God, there are some weird and fascinating trends here:

Shiny puffer jackets with fur-trimmed hoods — mostly guys, but some girls. I might actually buy one.
Rabbit fur scarves, accessories & trim — people don’t seem the least bit bothered by real fur here. I confess I did buy some furry earmuffs.
Shorts with tights and boots — Guess that’s popular stateside too, but even more so here. Damn these skinny short Japanese legs. I can’t fit into any of the awesome legwear or boots here. But my lace-up sheepskin boots are all the Tokyo rage. Take that, haters!
Jackets with complicated toggle closures. I saw one gal with a single toggle undone and it looked like total fashion suicide. People are so well-kept here.
Crazy inventive fake eyelashes — way more adventurous than what you’d see stateside. And the fake lashes here are made for wider eyes, so they actually fit me!

I wish I could provide pics of some of the crazy fashion, but it’s too rude to snap shots of strangers. There are countless more weird things than I could even state here, but in a nutshell, EVERYBODY is putting on a show. Being in Toyko totally undoes any preconceptions about homogenous Japanese culture, like those shots you get of a million suit-and-tie-clad office workers — even if the uniform is, well, uniform, the dudes here mix it up with Bowie hair and crazy glasses and whatnot. So incredibly cool to see!

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