Ten reasons I haven’t blogged lately.

1) I got married. That was kind of busy. 2) I have a new job. It, of course, takes up a lot of my time, passion, energy, and tennis elbow quotient. But it’s loads of fun! I’m the French Linguistic QA Specialist at NCsoft, and I primarily focus on French-language text in Aion, a Korean-developed… Continue reading Ten reasons I haven’t blogged lately.

Tokyo Fashion Express

My God, there are some weird and fascinating trends here: Shiny puffer jackets with fur-trimmed hoods — mostly guys, but some girls. I might actually buy one. Rabbit fur scarves, accessories & trim — people don’t seem the least bit bothered by real fur here. I confess I did buy some furry earmuffs. Shorts with… Continue reading Tokyo Fashion Express

The Infinity Sandal

Okay, so technically they’re called mohop. But The Infinity Sandal is a damn good nickname! Normally, I consider the blurbs from Seattle Picks to be a tad too recycled and wordy (I know, I know, soooo ironic) for my taste. But this one really looks like a gem. And in case you haven’t realized, that… Continue reading The Infinity Sandal

Fall Fashion Tips

On our trip to the UK, Grant and I spotted some new fashion trends that ranged from adorable to amusing to abjectly painful. And I know this is waaaay old, given that I should’ve actually posted it back when we returned from the UK in early October… but alas, better late than never. These trends… Continue reading Fall Fashion Tips

Yet more fashion rules!

So I came across this great article that has several fashion tips that never made it on my list one OR list two, so… consider it done, as I’m feeling blog-lazy lately (has anyone noticed)? Sigh… soon spring will come, and with it the glorious potential for cute outfits and also the binary potential for… Continue reading Yet more fashion rules!