Will automatic Desktop Shortcuts EVER die?

It just so happened that I needed to update both my iTunes and my Adobe Reader this weekend. I tend to be pretty lazy with these kinds of updates, so I just click YES and GO and MAKE IT HAPPEN as quickly as I can.

And when all was said and done and downloaded and installed, guess what I had? Three brand-spanking-new desktop shortcuts… which I happen to hate. MOST good software developers nowadays include an installation screen that asks users whether they’d like shortcuts added anywhere, which was a welcome change when I first saw that trend. But apparently, Apple and Adobe still think you might need a hand figuring out how to start your newly updated program.

In Apple’s case, it sort of makes sense, because they STILL haven’t figured out how to make iTunes use the old shortcut when an update is installed. (And don’t get me started about how they constantly try to bundle the unrelated Safari in with your iTunes updates — I finally just gave up, cleared out the necessary hard drive space, and accepted the Safari download, just so I’d have one less box to uncheck during every iTunes update. Just so you know, Apple, I’m boycotting your parasitic Safari install to teach you a lesson.

But the real kicker is Adobe’s shortcut. Have you EVER, in your ENTIRE LIFE, used a SHORTCUT to Adobe Reader to open a .PDF document, instead of just OPENING THE DAMN DOCUMENT DIRECTLY?

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