This time, I’m trying to figure out how to make my new iPhone Bluetooth Headset function with Ventrilo, the chat program our guild uses during WoW raids.  (Yeah — tech geek meets gamer nerd, I know.  But does anyone know the answer to this?)

I was told by a Best Buy employee with gamer cred that headsets with Bluetooth 2.0* capability would be able to pair with the PC and function as a microphone in Ventrilo.  While I can get the pairing part to work just fine, I’m not able to get the mic in Vent working.  At all.  Ever.

But Grant procured me a free USB microphone/headset, so I may just give up on this whole Bluetooth-to-Vent thing.  And besides, my Apple Bluetooth hotness is fabulous, whether I can raid with it or not.

Despite all the many reviews pooh-poohing its admittedly shitty audio quality and short battery life, I love having a headset that a) has a charge and pairing indicator on my phone, b) doesn’t painfully grip my ear like every other headset I’ve tried, and c) makes me look like much less of a tool than other Bluetooth headset wearers.

* And as an aside, Bluetooth 2.0 sounded totally made up, until I Googled it. What WILL these kids come up with next.