Yuletide cheer and all that jazz

So, my first-ever article appeared in Seattle Pulse [1] recently, so I thought I’d take a minute to shamelessly plug it. Wow, factoring in my most recent post along with this one, I guess I do a lot of that lately! Ah, at least I’ve got the acting-like-a-celebrity thing down in case I become famous some day. Except I’m still photophobic; I’ll have to work on that. It doesn’t help that I’m down in Salem [2] visiting my parents right now, and whenever I visit my mom always tries to take pictures of me ??? because without fail, she whines and screeches about how tense and fake and awkward I look, which of COURSE instantly relaxes me and makes me look completely un-tense and not the least bit awkward. It???s really really fun chez my family around the holidays ;) Kidding, Mom, in case you ever found this [3]. Anyway, just wanted to wish my imaginary readers a Merry Fill-in-the-blank and a Happy New Year (that one???s still uncontroversial, right? I mean, aside from the fact that there are a gabillion cultures and religions who don???t use that calendar? Just checking) and all that jazz. May it be whatever you???re hoping for!

[1] http://seattlepulse.com

[2] NEVER FAILS to make me think of witches. Awesome.

[3] So I finally mentioned to my mother that I???ve been doing this blog thing, and she was like, ???Can I see your blog???? And well, since I???ve kind of dissed her on it from time to time (gently, but still), I told her that if she could find it herself, she was most welcome to read it. She still hasn???t mentioned anything, and I???m not going to either until she brings it up again. Fun and games with the family, yessiree! I???m the next Cranium!


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