A Minor Adjustment

(Pun intended! Read on…)

So you know how they have “Bring Your Child To Work Day” coming up soon here? Well, I think we should make a minor adjustment (har, har) and also stretch it to incorporate “Bring Someone Else’s Child To Work Day” instead. Namely, I’d like to abduct this child. And hell, I’d like to bring his parents to work too.

Oh damn. Upon further research, TODAY was “Bring Your/Your Friends’ Child To Work Day”. Hmph.

Well, that’s no reason for the fun to end. How about if we start “Bring Your Roommate(s) To Work Day”? And since two of us work at opposite ends of downtown, we’d all have to walk from one office to the other and back. And get paid for it.

And what about “Bring Your Mom To Work Day”? She’s way more fun than my boss/actual job/yada yada.

How about just “Everyone Please Bring Cupcakes To Work Day”?

I guess I feel like parents shouldn’t get special treatment just because they have cute kids, haha. I want my Show and Tell too! Also, I like cupcakes, and getting paid to not work. Wow, this was a deeeeep blog post, huh?

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