another ???Private Function???

But this time, the “private function” is ours.?? It’s the wet reception – as opposed to the dry reception that we already??had at the church,??following the wedding.?? Apparently these Presbyterians use grape juice for the blood of Christ.?? Meh, it beats Kool Aid.

So, the minister was named Butch.?? He spoke for an hour.?? He made the “power” sign with his fist to the couple as a congratulatory gesture.

My dear cousin looked beautiful, of course.?? And I finally met the groom; he seems nice enough.?? Definitely the Capitol Hill type (and I don’t mean the Seattle one – he has that senator’s handshake down already).

Cousin’s mom was a bag full of tears – it was all she could do to contain herself.?? But she still looked beautiful – ever the Southern Belle.

This morning I paid 75$ PLUS TIP for a motherf*cking haircut and “style” – all she did was flatiron my ends until they flipped like a dophin.?? But at least the cut itself was good.?? And I thought Gary Manuel was expensive.?? Sheesh.?? Stupid nation’s capitol.

Haven’t seen any “Virginia Is For Lovers” T-shirts yet – but I have to go back to the mall tonight to return a gorgeous-but-too-expensive purse that I bought on an impulse, so maybe I’ll find one then.?? If only I had any short-term memory when drunk, I’d remembert to ask around about that.?? And this frickin “business center” seems to lack “pens” or “paper”.?? I tell you what, I could never do “business” without those things.?? Anyway.?? I also have to buy earplugs at the mall (there’s a drugstore – I LOVE when malls have drugstores) because my dad snores, no matter what he thinks.?? Like sleeping next to a f*cking chainsaw; a three-foot gap between our beds is not enough.?? I’m not sure a solid stone wall would be.?? I am sooo exhausted.?? I can’t wait for the flight because the noise of the plane running drowns out the sound of his snoring.?? Sorry Dad, if you ever figure out computers well enough to read this, but it’s true – you still snore.?? Still love ya though, xoxo.

Pardon the stream-of-whateverness, but I’m blogging drunk again.?? And there’s no music at this Private Event to keep my blog entertaining, so apologies – I’d take the Electric Slide over awkward silence! Ah well, at least there was wine.?? This time a cheap Shiraz – I had little say in the matter.

And cousin Ed, if you ever read this, I’m glad we got to see each other again and catch up; it’s been too long.

O-kay, time for me to go walk to Tyson’s Corner Mall drunk in the dark.?? And maybe go party with Ed and his buddy later on.

VIVA LAS BODAS! Congrats, Bess and Dave, you are adorable. *Power Fist Sign*

P.S.?? None of the help staff in this hotel speak anything but Spanish – and whenever you ask them anything you just get blank stares (”Where is the bathroom?”?? “……….” – I’m not kidding).?? So I just busted out the Spanish today, because I had to ask the maid if she’d seen my dad in the room when we lost track of each other, and she was super-fine and friendly about it, so??I was relieved??- but I’m always super-careful about speaking Spanish before spoken to in Spanish, becuase I think it can come off as really condescending and pretentious and presumptuous, and I don’t aim to be any of those things.???? At the same time, I needed to find my dad.?? Sigh.?? Viva las bodas.

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