By the way, there will be no discussion of “poker” on this blog

Yeah, so you know what’s even better than Direct Mail and Spam emails? SPAM BLOG COMMENTS. I am so tired of you Online Poker Casino folks messing up my blog – the normal spam-filtering tools don’t filter them because they only list one link instead of a zillion like most blogspam. Sooooo, I now have banned any discussion involving the word “poker”. Go ahead, try it! Try posting a comment that contains the word “poker” – I’ll never see it, you’ll never see it, it will be brilliant! Five card draw – GO!


  1. How, how HOW?… oh, with a zero. Heh heh.

    Also, hi Jesse! How’s it goin’? You are a future master spammer. That’s cool though; the thirty-some online p0ker casino comments that I had to systematically delete seem to have stopped coming in, so I’m happy :)

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