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My AltConf 2016 talk: Sell Out and Save the World!

My AltConf 2016 talk: Sell Out and Save the World!

Woohoo! I’m so excited! Last year I spoke at AltConf in San Francisco during Apple’s WWDC week. I’m really proud of the talk I gave—I had refined it a bunch, tested it in front of different audiences, and poured a lot of my soul into it. (And yes, a lot of emojis.)

It’s a little bit about how to feel OK having a corporate job. It’s a little bit about diversity in tech. It’s a little bit about why online dating sucks. If any of that sounds interesting to you, please watch it!

(And feel free to let me know what you think, but you know, be gentle with your constructive criticism. I’ve literally never given a talk at a conference before.) <3!

Sell Out and Save the World – AltConf 2016 (best viewed on a bigger screen so you can follow the slides. And none of the videos or animations play in this slide processing, but if you’re DYING to see the Taylor Swift Apple Music ad, go here.)

A letter a week?

A letter a week?

Last week I had a little silly Twitter fun.

Basically, I was sort of procrastinating, so I tweeted to see if anyone wanted to receive a hand-written letter from me. A few people replied, and I wrote a couple more, and mailed out a total of six (which reached their various recipients today, it would seem).

The initial silly little experiment made me realize a couple other letters I wanted to send, you know, to people whom I already actually knew in real life (plus one follow-up to someone who had spied cool stationery in a pic I had posted). So I just sent four more out today. And I thoroughly enjoyed writing, addressing, stamping, and wax-sealing them all.


As you can probably tell, I’m a bit of a schmancy sealing wax nerd. I’m also a stationery nerd. But I’ve amassed more sealing wax and fancy letter+card combos than I actually get through these days, especially after we cleaned out our basement.

Given my copious supplies and newfound love of penning quick notes, I kept thinking of more IRL friends I should write to—but it isn’t practical with my horrible tennis elbow to write too many at a time. And yet I was worried I’d forget to follow through at a later date. (Woe is me, I know. Silly problem. But a bunch of pals just got married/engaged—they deserve letters too, even if I’m not always moved to follow up immediately post wedding!)

This all got me thinking—what if I just made a point of sending a letter a week? I’m technically ahead by several already if I take this into account! I think I’ll try this as a nice low-risk experiment for 2015. If I miss a week or don’t keep it up, that’s cool. But if I stick to it, it’ll be a cool way to write more “fun” mail more often and use up my massive back-stock of swanky supplies.

And in case you were wondering, thank-you cards don’t count!