dysfunctional humerus

My funny-bone is broken.?? The last three posts (this one not included, though it’s not funny either) are not the least bit funny.?? I have not brought my best game to the blogosphere as of late.?? For this I apologize.

I will be out of town until Monday, at my Southern Belle cousin’s shotgun wedding (at least I think it might be – I’m not going to ask, unless I get reeeeeeeeeeaaallly drunk, which I might do, because I will be traveling with my father for the first time in over six years) at which point I promise to be much funnier once again.?? Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Love, The Management (aka ginnie)

P.S.?? My website finally got pretty, so if you feel the urge, visit it by clicking here.?? I’m proud of my baby.?? Soon it will be virginiaculler.com and all will be well in the world.

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