I have become deeply obsessive-compulsive

Yep, OCD, yeah, you know me. I cannot stop checking my email every 3.78 minutes. And the irony is, this is the ONE email account to which I have no functional messenger program linked that might notify me of the arrival of new messages, and yet it’s also the one account to which I am expecting an important email to be sent. Man, technology is stupid – back in the old days, people had things like PATIENCE and THE ABILITY TO PERFORM ANY TASK WITHOUT IT BEING DERAILED BY THE COMPULSIVE NEED TO CHECK EMAIL EVERY 3.78 MINUTES and such. I wish I had any clue what The Old Days were like. I picture unicorns, rainbows, butterflies, and NO COMPUTERS ANYWHERE.

On the bonus side, though, I just got back in touch with an old pal via MySpace, and that was awesome as he’s awesome (yes, HW, I mean you) and I just reconnected with another old pal via Friendster before then. So I’m torn about this whole e-web-of-craziness. I mean, Old Pals vs. Unrealistic Lack of Patience and Ability to Function Without Technology Crutch. But, then again, back to Old Pals. Who knows. And the best part is, what do I do about it? I blog about it. In between checkings of the email, that is.

Soooo, yep, I’m gonna go check my @$*!~# email now. Cross yer fingers for me. This insanity could potentially go on until Friday.

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