I have successfully kicked my own ass

This whole “triathalon” thing is hard work! But I seriously kicked my own ass this weekend. Went for a hell of a jog every day last week except Friday, so I was already feeling more exercised than usual – then on Saturday I ran a hella-hard and fast time at the gym, then walked/was walked by an ambitious husky around Green Lake, then Sunday I swam, walked around the lake again, and jogged hard again. TIRED GINNIE. But it feels good to be so active… almost like I’ve discovered some new superhero power I didn’t know I had. “Energy”, I think I’ll call it.

And yes, you read that correctly, I JOINED a GYM! Who would have predicted this, knowing that I hate gyms and really only use them when it’s wintertime and icky out? And not only that, it’s a big scary corporate one (24 Hour Fitness). BUT, it’s the cheapest way for me and my triathalon buddy to both have access to a pool, and I didn’t pay any one-time-annoying-fees and it’s only $16 a month if I tag-team on her membership. Plus, as she informs me, it’s apparently the Gay Gym! Yeah, so the whole set of normal gym concerns I have about checking people out/being distracted/being looked at/feeling self-conscious/etc. is kind of flipped around a bit… anywho. Mildly disappointing, mildly disconcerting, and entirely entertaining are the best words I can think of to describe it all. Plus I’ve NEVER been to a gym that’s so BIG – it’s kind of scary! Lucky for me I have a guide for it all.

And after all that gym-tastic energy-spendin’, I was thinking that if I had a dog with as much energy as that damn husky, I would be incredibly energetically in shape, like it or not, and gym or not. I keep thinking and fantasizing more and more about getting me a dog of my own… someone talk me down from this cloud! Seriously though, this idea I had of trying to enjoy dogs vicariously (i.e. dating their owners) was a good idea, I think… I mean, if they’ve made a romantic comedy about it, it MUST be, right? Okay, I jest, but even if a first date is awkward, the dog helps break the ice and make it an overall enjoyable experience anyway. What I’m sayin’ is, I’m a fan of the canines these days. (I just realized that these aforementioned “owners” just might wind up reading my blog… sigh, foot/paw in mouth…)

In other news, I had an awesome job interview on Friday… but know what was the best part? We were having lunch (casual interview) at this pub where I know the chef, and without me having sort of made my presence known, he had a free appetizer sent over to us… so I looked like a superstar. Energy AND swank free shit! Life is good. Thanks Addam!

Last but not least: all the runnin’ is givin’ me shin splints. I’ve heard a thousand ideas as to what these are, why they happen, and what you can do about it, but I wouldn’t complain if any of y’all have even better ideas. Especially perhaps you marathon runners (ahem, KC?) Thanks :)


  1. hey, anytime you want to kidnap my kid and take him out in the jog stroller, be my guest. I’m so stir crazy and in need of me time these days! Thank goodness for the hours of 9pm to midnight…

  2. I couldn’t live without a gym…
    well, as for your leg-problems, any sort of trainers with air-system will do.

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