Imaginary Readership Assistance Requested

So hey, Imaginary Readers, I regret to inform you that I could use some not-so-imaginary assistance right now. More specifically, that my dad could use some assistance, and I serve as his proxy. See, the semi-jerky owner of the apartment building he manages let him go, meaning he loses his job AND living space. He has through the end of October to vacate, but is not being paid a salary during that time.

So we’re on the lookout for resident apartment manager openings, and anyone who hears of anything should please get in touch with me. Dad is savvy with carpentry and maintenance, and is super-polite and great at increasing lease renewals and sprucing up run-down properties by taking on maintenance/carpentry projects. He’s efficient, very thrifty, and pleasant, and he’s good at supervising other maintenance folks and works great with minimal supervision. He has 3+ years of experience in this capacity and was always spoken of very highly by his tenants. However, he has no blog of his own, hence this post!

Also, if you’re savvy about any senior assistance programs too, be it for housing or otherwise, please let me know – that’s sort of Step Two of my search mission, but Step One is exhausting the want ads so I haven’t had time to look into public assistance programs yet. But if you’re well-connected in that realm, please give me a heads up!

Thanks and even if you don’t have anything, please just cross your fingers/pray/light a candle/do whatever it is you do to generate positive thoughts about this. It’s scary to basically be laid off and evicted at the same time, as that’s a whole lot more transitional crisis than most of us are used to dealing with at once, especially at an age when one is normally retired. Any positive thoughts or aid will really be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot and here’s hoping for a smooth transition for Daddy’O!

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