Shiver me timbers

My GOD, is it cold in my office.  We have this tiny, industrial office-park space, that is about 80% big freezing concrete-and-metal warehouse and maybe 20% normal office space.  But said office space is so open, and the insulation so crappy, that it never heats up.  And there’s a tiny heater that blows hot air sort of to the right of my legs, but it doesn’t actually reach me unless I scoot over a couple feet away from my desk and park my ass right in front of it.  Which I’ve taken to doing several times a day.

But today, coldest of days, I reached a new low.  My hair was still wet from my shower this morning, and I’ve been shivering since I came in despite my three layers and my giant mug of hot tea… but I finally discovered a solution.  I scootch over to the heater, flip my head upside down, and hold my wet hair in front of the heater’s stream of warm air.  Sure, I look like a freak, can’t get any work done, and almost pass out when I right myself afterwards, but it’s worth it.


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