“Katie, bar the door!”

So not only is it my first day on the job without my mentor/trainer, but it is the day we are shipping 25x more orders than usual at my job. And to top it off, I don’t know if it’s the full moon, or some freak of nature, or what, but it would seem that finally the horrible foretold prediction has come true. Yes, all three housemates are PMSing at roughly the same time – so we’re all grumpy, bitchy, moody, irritable, and overly sensitive. And prone to crying for no reason at all. Which I did to my boss on Friday and two subsequent times for no reason. Seriously, right now you could ask me if I’ve ever tried bouillabaisse, and I’ll tear up. Just try it. I dare you.

But in other news, I slay (slew? slayed? have slain? slayeth?) three dragons on Saturday. Okay, not really, but I spent four hours at a Magic: The Gathering prerelease tournament under the wing of two top-level judges trained by the Duelist’s Convocation International. Go ahead, make fun of me – if you want me to start BAWLING all over again!

Cruel, cruel world. But it gives me reason to make use of a fun new phrase I just learned: “Katie, bar the door!

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  1. your faithful reader/sister of one of the three pmsing roommates is also excessively pmsing and bursting into neverending tears for absolutely no reason
    you’re not alone! -Laurencita

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