Kids these days…

So I was just chatting with my coworker, who has an adorable 3-ish-year-old daughter, and we were laughing about funny things her kid says and does. And I went off about how my funny cute 3-ish niece always talks to me in Spanish now, and refers back to specific conversations we’ve had or games we’ve played in Spanish to her mom and dad, which I think is really funny because I get to hear their retelling of it… and then my coworker told me the cutest thing EVER that her (non-Spanish-speaking) daughter does, which takes the cake as The Cutest Thing A Child Has Ever Said (sorry, Bill Cosby, but I win this time). Whenever her kid says anything that doesn’t make sense, and mom asks her “what was that?” or “what did you say?”, the kid goes, “Oh, that’s my Spanish.” Priceless.

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