Savage Lizzie gets free writing instruments!

“Savage Lizzie”. That is what my mother called me when she found out about this whole advice column thing. Crazy, crazy woman. And darn creative!

In other news, I got YET ANOTHER awesome FREE POST-IT-FLAG-CONTAINING PEN from my awesome as all hell roommate (thank you SO much J). It makes me so happy. And she’s all, I know it’s no fountain pen with tape flags or anything, but still… you can write them a letter and ask them to make you one. And I’m like, why yes, I COULD! And she’s like, I can’t believe that hadn’t occurred to you yet… and then when I relayed that story to a coworker after showing off my pen (what? Shut up, I love it) she suggested I could ask them to name it after me.

… and thus, that is what I will do. They can name it the Pilot Virginia. It has a nicer ring than the Pilot Pen-Crazy-Obsessive-Compulsive-Freak, ya know? The Virginia. Kind of like the Virginian apartments that my Dad manages, or the Virginia Inn… or that stupid commonwealth back East… lots of stuff is named after me. Why not the GREATEST PEN ON EARTH?

And thus I go, to write.

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