Lord of the Votes?

One Candidate to Rule Them All?

Okay, I’m out. But I still found it funny to talk politics with Sam (aka Sean Astin).

Sam for Hillary!

The Back Story: When we went to the Democratic Caucus last weekend, the Hillary camp made us hold out for one of their members to speak up for Hillary. He was late, as he’d just arrived into town that day, and everyone who’d been sitting around for ages was getting kinda antsy and pissy. Many people kept suggesting that the Hillary folks just have another supporter speak instead, since the Obama and Kucinich camps did just that. Little did we know, that we would be addressed by A FAMOUS HOBBIT!

Hobbits for Hillary?

I’m done. I really am. Now I understand what Jason Biggs meant when he said in an interview that he’d always be that pie-fucker boy. It’s really hard for me to look at Sean Astin and not think “hairy feet” and “watch out for that wizard” and whatnot. I hope I’m never awkwardly famous like that. (Though, to be fair, his speech was enthusiastic but not particularly political or thought-provoking, so if he’d had something interesting to say I might’ve been able to move past the Shireyness of it all.)

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