Margaritas and pigmentation

Thanks to everyone who showed up and made Round One of Margaritaville a success.?? I had a great night, it was great to see you all, and I got some great quotes and ideas for the article.?? Remember, round two is next Friday so don’t forget to drop me a line if you’re coming.

On another note, I have some freaky pigmentation observations (yes, you read that right):

1)?? Last night my cute but cheap new shoes got soaked and my entire left heel was dyed black from the shoe – but not, however, my right heel.?? WTF?

2) I have one hair on my left leg that grows in completely black, whereas the rest of my leg hair is blonde.

3) I have one eyelash on my left eye that grows in completely white, whereas the rest of my lashes are dark.

What is up with left-side pigmentation issues??? Any theories?

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