The War on Drugs!

Okay, so lately I haven’t been much of a reader of The Onion, just out of sheer lack of time if nothing else The Drug War(plus it’s gotten less and less funny) but their article on drugs in this week’s edition just hit it right on the nose for me, for some reason. It reminds me of the same mentality I had in mind when I wrote my half-joking article about the smoking ban – only, being as how they’re The Onion and all, they’re extra funny with a side of kneeslap and they can get away with using crazy logos like this one (although I am, apparently, foolish enough to post it in my blog). I just love the part about keeping your yard tidy. Go read the article, people, you deserve a break. Do a line, while you’re at it – as long as you have a job, that is.


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