Oh Doo Dah Friggin’ Day.

Lore Fitzgerald Sjoberg of Bad Gods fame is to blame for all of my problems today.

For this reason.

I’m notorious for getting songs repetitively stuck in my head, and I’m also notorious for obsessing over rhyme and meter, creating accidental crap-tastic parody songs of any melody my poor ears are subjected to. The OCD functions in my brain will refuse to do anything useful or productive on a given day, but I can make up my own song-spoof tunes like you wouldn’t believe.

And now, during one of the busiest weeks at work, when I need all my extra brain-power for linguistic testing, all I can do is parse everything I read (in three languages) into Camptown Races ditties, and mentally scan texts and spreadsheets and command-prompt windows for isolated snippets with the appropriate number of syllables.

Thanks a LOT, Lore. I’m going to somehow hack a clip of “This is the song that never ends…” to play nonstop on your page. I have no idea how (or when), but someday I will exact this inane revenge plot, just you wait.

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