Name Your Thing!

I spoke at AltConference 2017 about how to name things. Last year when I spoke at AltConf 2016, things went really well… and I was invited to speak again in 2017 on the spot! (And I accepted on the spot, haha.) I actually started brainstorming this talk right then and there, so I had an… Continue reading Name Your Thing!

ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ Unicode madness

*Disclaimer* Unicode is not well supported in some browsers, especially on mobile. This is tricky since this entire post is about Unicode. I’m sorry your eyes might have to see ugly unsupported squares or blank spaces instead of the proper pretty entities I intended. If you’re interested in reading, soldier on; the characters in the… Continue reading ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ Unicode madness

Foreign language auto-correct death

Working in a multilingual environment sometimes makes using normal Office products difficult. This is quite possibly the most useful and least random blog post I’ve ever composed – can you tell I’ve been running into some bilingual frustrations lately? This weird little polyglot guide will help you fix the auto-correction insanity that sometimes takes over… Continue reading Foreign language auto-correct death

Siri, sync my sh*t.

I was a relatively early adopter of the Cult of iPhone. Grant bought me a first-gen model a few months after it was released, and I’ve been an addict ever since. (I’m sure there are some fantastic other smartphones out there, but my 1st gen, 3GS and now 4S have never made me want to… Continue reading Siri, sync my sh*t.

Ten reasons I haven’t blogged lately.

1) I got married. That was kind of busy. 2) I have a new job. It, of course, takes up a lot of my time, passion, energy, and tennis elbow quotient. But it’s loads of fun! I’m the French Linguistic QA Specialist at NCsoft, and I primarily focus on French-language text in Aion, a Korean-developed… Continue reading Ten reasons I haven’t blogged lately.

Word Salad

I recently got a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, so I could type by dictation. (This decision arose partly from recurring tennis elbow that makes typing painful, and partly from my frustratingly long commutes from Redmond.) I thought I could dictate the text of the book I’m working on for my online dating consultation company while… Continue reading Word Salad

Piece of Mind

So there’s this stupid little head shop in Fremont and Lake City called Piece of Mind.  Now you MIGHT think that’s a cute little pun, but let’s examine things closer.  Take a look at their logo to the left. So that’s a PEACE symbol, right? Like, world peace, peace on earth, peace and goodwill. Or… Continue reading Piece of Mind

Only at Nintendo

So in a nutshell, working at Nintendo has been lovely.  According to company policy, however, I shall not be discussing anything remotely contentful relating to my work there. Thus, Imaginary Readers, I leave you with this linguistic/gamer tidbit.  On the fridge in the break room, there is a sign that asks employees to take home… Continue reading Only at Nintendo

Americans for Idiocy

I pretty much never watch commercials these days, since it’s 2008 and all. Praise DVR technology. But when I’m watching background TV while cooking or cleaning or some other around-the-house hands-on task, I’ll let the commercials run so I don’t have to interrupt my activity. And thus begins the rage/bafflement at the few ads that… Continue reading Americans for Idiocy