On manicures, power drills, and liquid kale – some Christmas highlights

For Christmas I got a power drill! EXACTLY what I wanted and forgot to ask for. It’s red, it has two mega-charge-holding battery packs, it has a little compartment to hold drill bits on the base, and I also got a set of Hitachi magnetic screwdriver/drill bits. Just had to twitter. Now I will no longer have to borrow a drill from the DILF next door. So really, this Christmas present is actually helping make the world a better place, with fewer impure thoughts and actions and all that. Who knew a drill could do so much? Thanks guys!

So, for some highlights of this season’s Yuletide cheers:

– Spent a good deal of time reading the book “Green for Life” all about making smoothies out of dark green leafy vegetables, that my parents’ friend in Ashland wrote – they bought a case so now they’re gifting it left and right.

– Spent a good deal of time testing our saliva and/or urine (I kid you NOT) to see what Ph. level we all had. I was the most alkaline of the family (that’s a good thing), go me!

– Made family sit through two episodes of the Simpsons as well as one of Family Guy. Really, truly enjoyed having every single subtle, fleeting joke explained out loud to whichever parent didn’t get it that time, thus beating humor to death.

– Ate pretty much only green smoothies (see above book), chocolate (it being Christmas and all), champagne (see prior post), and last night (for Christmas dinner, technically) I made brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes. Yep.

– Plenty o’ hot-tubbin – MAN I wish I had one of those in my backyard. My hot neighbor does.

– Did a lot of jewelry making and/or repair with Mom

– Conned Mom into fixing all my sewing projects since it’s the one domestic skill I’ve repeatedly failed to learn.

– Am about to go get a manicure with mom. Right after I drink my green juice.

Hope it was great for y’all too!

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  1. Sounds like a fine Christmas to me!

    How does one become a DILF?

    brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes with lots of garlic butter sounds so yummy!

    Happy Holidays,


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