long time no update

Okay dear imaginary readers, sorry it’s been so long! The day after Xmas I fell ill with a nasty cold/fever synthesis that has been kicking my ass ever since. Didn’t even go to work Tuesday or half of yesterday – and given that I have no sick time left and had to take that as unpaid leave, AND my boss is out of town so it’s one of the more preferable times to actually show UP at work, you know it’s serious. Yech. Anyway, life is busy but crazy. What has occurred since I last posted?

– Got godawful manicure from crazy not-so-much-English-speaking manicurist in Salem – the tips of my fingernails are so white I literally get startled by seeing them out of the corner of my eye.

– Managed to swing drinks/etc. at Earth and Ocean and try to harrass the owner/manager to let me help out with this seafood restaurant promo thing he’s doing in February. Was told I could at least attend their next meeting and meet their PR team (exactly what I was going for). Was given many free appetizers and drinks.

– Thus ends the cool portion of the evening. After that, I offered my friend from Bainbridge a ride to the ferry, so we all troop over to Pacific Place where I had parked. And I FAILED TO FIND MY CAR. We wandered the length of the entire parking garage about four times, and finally gave up and had to hang our heads and ride in the GOLF CART OF SHAME!!! I was so embarrassed. I mean, cackling loudly because you gotta laugh, but come on. I never wanted to be one of those Golf Cart Losers. And yet… the best part was, when I poked my head into the security office to let them know we needed a Shame Ride, the kid who was working there seriously couldn’t have been old enough to drive – and I asked him if they had any sort of hood or face mask we could wear while riding in the Shame Cart, to ya know, hide our faces so no one would recognize us. And he did. not. know. I. was. kidding. He got all flustered and nervous and was like, well, no but I can try to make you something – and I swear to god his hand shot out for the tape and paper. And I had to explain to him that that was my idea of a joke, see, just poking fun at myself….

So, random poll, for those of you who have met me in person. Can you tell when I’m kidding? Just curious :)

Anyway, it was a hell of a night. It cracks me up infinitely that I “schmooze” with fancy-schmancy chefs and get free things. It cracks me up that I lost my car (which by the way we found within five seconds of driving in the golf cart – it was right by the entrance where I knew it was, but somehow that was hard to find on foot!? WTF) and it cracks me up that that kid thought I was serious and tried to make me a makeshift Face Mask of Shame upon request. Nice kid, really. He’ll go places.

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