quadruple-booked and it???s only monday!

Maaaan…. right back into the busy swing of things, I am.?? Yikes.?? But in a good way – the trip down to Salem was awesome.?? I am so jealous of my parents’ new house!?? Well, except that they *do* have to live in Salem, so I guess that kind of explains it.?? But still, an adorable 1889 charmer with 5 bedrooms and a walk-in master closet and a hot tub, on a double-lot in a cute ‘hood, for about a fifth of what the same thing would cost here in Seattle.?? Aah, city living…. anyway, ‘rents were cute, all the things we ate were delish, my niece and nephew are cuter than ever (and my niece who is 3 and a half speaks FLUENT Spanish and she told me a whole long complicated story about this little girl who is named “Pastry” who gets eaten by wolves and chickens – don’t ask, we had limited toys to work with as characters – and it had verb tenses and agreement and everything!?? Except she doesn’t agree articles well because all of her toys are female so she uses feminine articles with normally masculine nouns but that’s okay, I still got the gist and it was pretty darn cool) and my step-folks are great and our cat is great and I like Thanksgiving.

AND then yesterday morning I got up and cheered for my roommate’s friend Karen (and my friend too, I guess, but I don’t know her as well since I’m not part of The Elite Law School Posse) at the Seattle Marathon and we stopped at 4 different spots to cheer her on and she was so cute and happy and excited and it was funny because at the earlier stops there weren’t many other cheerleader folks and we cheered for everyone not just her, mostly because my roommate said that back when she’d run her half marathon it helped her so much when people cheered her on, so anyway we cheered heartily for all who passed and it was so much fun and most people were so cute and grateful!?? And we had this huge obnoxious neon green sign that said “Go Karen Go!” and there were SO MANY people (guys) who were like, “I’m Karen! WOOO” and this one woman yelled “I changed my name to Karen!” every time she passed us and there were just funny cute comedians in running shoes all the way along.?? And there were two barefoot runners, and several folks, evenly spaced, who looked like Jesus and his disciples, and there was a guy in a hot pink tutu and a girl in an Energizer bunny costume, and it was just a fun cute good time all around.?? Except next time I’m putting my phone number on the “Go Karen Go” sign because there were some damn gorgeous runners out there but they were all, ya know, running…. and I realize the chances of anyone remembering 7 digits when they have to run 26.1 miles is pretty slim, but hey, maybe it’s something to chant to yourself instead of “left, right, left…” and anyway then my best friend and I decided we’re going to do the Jingle Run, but we don’t want to pay, so we’re going to try and get corporate sponsors, but if that doesn’t work, we’re just going to show up and run around because we’re pretty cheap this year, haha.?? Hope that doesn’t incur the wrath of the Fitness Gods or anything.

??PLUS last night we made thai red curry coconut milk chicken with eggplant and basil and I have awesome leftovers for lunch.?? AND I liked the cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving so much that I made some more just to eat with a spoon because mmm, mmm good. So, all in all, a great weekend, haha.

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