Racing season

So I think I may have figured out what it is that’s been bugging my hip so I walk like an old granny and can’t run or bike or, as of last night, even sleep comfortably… I think it’s my clutch.  Yep, my clutch is stiff, and once I tweaked my hip at all, shifting gears or stopping has irritated both my shin muscle and my hip joint even further.  WTF: I am reminded of those funky Volkswagen commercials from a few years ago where they’re all at the gym working out their clutch muscles.  Except instead of bulking up my left leg, I think I’m just going to get the pedal adjusted.

And in other racecar news, I forgot until yesterday when I was driving with both windows down,  that my shitty busted muffler makes my ’89 Geo Spectrum sound like Nascar.  But here’s the killer – it’s either the third or fourth “lifetime guaranteed” muffler from Midas.  I think they intentionally give you crappy ones that give out after a year and a half or so because when you bring it in for the free muffler (including any parts and labor) they hit you with all these other “recommendations” and try to coerce you into getting unnecessary work done at ridiculous prices well before it’s actually even wise to do so.

That, or I’m crotchety, cheap, ornery, and stubborn, and I drive the worst piece of shit these poor roads have ever seen.  Hm.

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