Shopping Hacks

I’m such a cheater. I’m a sucker for 2-for-1 deals and free shipping minimums, so I often wind up ordering extra things I don’t really need in order to get a discount. Usually, this winds up being something I’d use up anyway, like shampoo, so it’s no big deal.

Cherry blossom teeBut recently, I feel deeply in love with a shirt from delia*s that cost a pretty penny when you calculated the full price plus shipping and handling. But I adore cherry blossom patterns, and grey is my best color, and it’s hard to find T-shirts that are so nice and long for my tall frame, and I just kinda HAD to have it because it was perfect in every way.

Their T-shirts were on a buy two get $10 off deal. And I found a free shipping coupon somewhere online, but it was only valid if I bought both shirts to hit the minimum order amount. So I sucked it up and picked out a second shirt I didn’t really want. The total order was only a little more than my first shirt plus S&H costs, so I rationalized it away, of course, knowing it wouldn’t be cost-effective to pay to return the second one by mail.

But lucky me, the second “filler” shirt got back-ordered. So I got the first shirt, with the two-shirt discount, and the free shipping. And I was able to call and cancel the second shirt, and still keep all my discounts. (And it looks awesome on me.) Aaaaah, I love a legitimate shopping cheat deal!

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