Project O’ The Day

Less than one minute into my work day, my right sandal fell apart. Specifically, the two industrial staples and two deep nail/rivet things popped right out of the wooden footbed, leaving nothing to hold down the leather strap keeping my foot in the sandal. GRR! However, no task is too daunting for this handy lass.… Continue reading Project O’ The Day

The Infinity Sandal

Okay, so technically they’re called mohop. But The Infinity Sandal is a damn good nickname! Normally, I consider the blurbs from Seattle Picks to be a tad too recycled and wordy (I know, I know, soooo ironic) for my taste. But this one really looks like a gem. And in case you haven’t realized, that… Continue reading The Infinity Sandal

Aah, Choo!

I swore I wouldn’t wear heels at my wedding. I SWORE. I didn’t want to be any taller, I didn’t want to be uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to trip when I walked down the aisle or danced with my dad. But guess what? JIMMY CHOOS AT THE RACK FOR $100. Beautiful, delicate off-white silk… Continue reading Aah, Choo!