TV above the fireplace

Ever since flat screen TVs took over the old cathode ray tube models, people have been mounting them on the wall, causing the earth’s interior design community to have a collective cow. Wall-mounting is so practical, though! It saves valuable floor and furniture space since TVs no longer have to rest atop a bulky media… Continue reading TV above the fireplace

The Internet ROCKS.

I swear, I don’t know what I’d do if we’d never come up with this whole interconnected awesomeness thing. I re-launched my business earlier this year, which involved picking a new business name. It was incredibly hard to come up with a name I liked that was also what my business needed, and I was… Continue reading The Internet ROCKS.

Back the f*ck out of Marco Arment’s finances

This is one of those TL;DR scenarios. I’ll do my best to sum it up quickly. –Yahoo bought Tumblr for a boatload of money. -Marco Arment used to work for Tumblr; he weighs in on the acquisition in depth and eloquence, with a small passing mention of gratitude for the generosity of his former employer… Continue reading Back the f*ck out of Marco Arment’s finances

I want to make an app.

I’ve wanted to make an iPhone app for ages now, but it’s always been a far-off “when I have the time and energy to learn how to code” thing. Recently, I realized that I have an urgently needed app in mind that’s based on Siracusa’s Annoyance-driven development: All the existing apps in this space are… Continue reading I want to make an app.

Google and Apple Maps both frustrate me

I wrote a big long post about Apple Maps and Google Maps, and I wound up reworking the whole thing, because it didn’t accurately capture my alternating dissatisfaction and joy. The more I’ve used Google Maps in the past few days, the more things I notice it doing both right and wrong. So, apologies to… Continue reading Google and Apple Maps both frustrate me

Comment-free zone

I’m experimenting with something new. Although I’m nowhere near as famous or rad as Marco Arment or John Gruber, I’m going to copy their style and eliminate comments from future blog posts, starting now. My experience in my extremely intermittent blogging over the years is that comments rarely add much value, and most discussions about… Continue reading Comment-free zone

Blog design identity crisis

Recently I signed up for Amazon affiliate links and Google AdSense, for no apparent reason. And in doing so, I had to define my blog’s main category/subject matter. Um. Help. I’m a gal who inherently wears too many hats, and I started like seven different blogs (see sidebar) to avoid this very type of boxing-in.… Continue reading Blog design identity crisis