Google and Apple Maps both frustrate me

I wrote a big long post about Apple Maps and Google Maps, and I wound up reworking the whole thing, because it didn’t accurately capture my alternating dissatisfaction and joy. The more I’ve used Google Maps in the past few days, the more things I notice it doing both right and wrong. So, apologies to… Continue reading Google and Apple Maps both frustrate me

Siri, sync my sh*t.

I was a relatively early adopter of the Cult of iPhone. Grant bought me a first-gen model a few months after it was released, and I’ve been an addict ever since. (I’m sure there are some fantastic other smartphones out there, but my 1st gen, 3GS and now 4S have never made me want to… Continue reading Siri, sync my sh*t.

Word Salad

I recently got a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, so I could type by dictation. (This decision arose partly from recurring tennis elbow that makes typing painful, and partly from my frustratingly long commutes from Redmond.) I thought I could dictate the text of the book I’m working on for my online dating consultation company while… Continue reading Word Salad