Ten things I have no idea how to do

10) Retrieve and re-post the entry I just wrote and then accidentally deleted that I was sadly quite attached to.

9) Fix the “comments” feature so people can actually comment – people not necessarily using Firefox.

8) Use the sidebar editor in order to make more interesting sidebar entries – some ideas which I am unable to bring to life are: “On my nightstand”, a list of what I’m reading right now; “In my stereo” and/or “Stuck in my head”, both pretty self-evident musically-related categories; “What I had for breakfast”, also self-evident; “Top ten ________ for this week” which would periodically change and always be funny, etc. etc. – the imaginary, intangible list goes on and on. Too bad I have NO IDEA how to implement said list.

7) Edit the syntax error in the sidebar editor tool that I somehow seem to have created.

6) Edit the syntax error in the Attachments plugin that I somehow seem to have created.

5) Actually put to use the spellcheck plugin that I took the trouble of downloading.

4) Figure out how to adjust the permanently wrong default timestamp on my blog to make future blog entries correct, and also to fix old timestamps without having to re-timestamp every single post systematically.

3) Fix/uncomplicate/barring that, obliterate the “referers” function that used to let me see who was viewing my site from where.

2) Get in touch with this blog’s administrators/developers in a reliable manner to complain about any of this stuff.

1) FIGURE OUT whether any of these things are MY fault or my BLOG’s fault – I’d feel so much better just KNOWING!

Now I know a bunch of you are all going to bitch at me to change my bloghost so I can have it not suck so much – but I am LAZY, STUBBORN, ORNERY, DISGRUNTLED, HORMONAL, UNWILLING TO LEARN AN EVEN SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT NEW INTERFACE AT PRESENT, ODDLY ATTACHED TO THE GRASS MOTIF, and SURPRISINGLY COMPUTER-ILLITERATE FOR A BLOGGER so for now the crappy half-assed non-commenting non-correct-timestamping mysterious-post-swallowing syntax-confusing non-spellchecking sidebar-deficient non-contactable buggy grassy blog stays. Hmph.

P.S. I had to manually edit the motherf*cking timestamp again. I know I said I’d stop swearing but come on I earned this one, DON’T YOU THINK SO, BLOGTASTIC?

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