The joys of a “Classic Home”

Okay, so most of y’all imaginary readers know that I moved into a big ole house in September with a coupla roommates and a dog. And if you didn’t, well, now you know. So, upon making this decision, we all knew there would be some old funky quirks to a house built in the ’30s and rented for the past coupla decades by a semi-uninvolved landlord. Not a whole lotta repairs, really just the bare bones stuff to keep the place in a live-in-able state. So all our pipes suck, floorboards creak, cabinets mysteriously open due to crappy latches and weird drafts, yada yada. Can be a lame home to come home alone to after a scary movie, but that’s where the whole two-roommates-and-a-dog part really come in handy. (Not the only place they come in handy, mind you, but still.) Some stuff could really stand for a deep-cleaning, such as our scary air vents, but overall we love the place with its leaded stained glass windows, hardwood floors and original moldings and built-ins, cozy fireplace, covered patio, big backyard full of mystery vegetation that we’re only know getting to know as we hit our first spring here, yada yada – so all the good stuff generally makes it worth it when we discover some of the bad stuff, such as our schizophrenic washing machine, or just plain weird stuff, such as the Board O’ Mystery (I’ll post more on this when I can find a pic so y’all can help us figure out its intended purpose).

But today, I discovered something that I never expected to find in even our funky old house. I was cleaning out the sink in the upstairs bathroom that I share with one roomie, and the pipes and plumbing are predictably nasty, corroded, fulla weird junk that even the odd Drano-dousing doesn’t rid them of, yada yada. But, as I tried scrubbing as deep in the drain as I could, something kinda weird caught my eye. Something… green.

It was a plant. Growing. Inside our sink. I managed to pull up the teeny tiny little seedlingy leaves (a pair of leaves that were butterflied, maybe 4 mm across total). The little fucker had a root that stretched down our sink pipe three inches. There are PLANTS growing in our SINK. I don’t really know how I feel about this – said discovery was made after watering and fertilizing all my beloved *intentional* houseplants… but I don’t know how I feel about random ones sprouting up in weird places that I’d just as soon have remain root-free for water circulation purposes. Hm. Anyone else ever have this happen? My best theory is that it sprouted from one of those white fuzzy seed thingies that have been blowing all over the place, as I could see one of those getting stuck in our drain.

I think that, as enviro-hippie as I usually tend to be, I’m going to go buy some more Drano tonight.

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