Third time’s (also) a charm.

I made Best-Of again on Craigslist, for the third time in a row, yippee!  Well, technically, that may not be exactly correct, because I did write one post a couple weeks ago that I was hoping would make it (all about how now that I live in a nice yuppie neighborhood people should take down the tacky godawful manger scenes now that we were well into February and all), and it didn’t make best-of and so technically given that that was my intent I guess that counts as a failure… but still, every other time I’ve written something with the intent of having it make best-of, it’s made it.  Yay!  I like that a random sampling of equally disgruntled workers with Internet access seem to think I’m amusing.  It’s the little things.

Anyway, here’s the third winner, and here’s the first and second best-ofs for you curious folks.  Really, I just wanted to brag.  But now I feel bad that the guy I’m referencing will be offended.  The truth is, I just get so bored on the bus, and I guess I’m so boy-crazy, that I have spent many a day making him over in my mind into the hot stud that I know he is under all that geekiness.  I have to learn to be less specific in my Craigslist endeavors.  Note to self.

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