True Love vs. Nintendo Wii

[14:25] Hasukawa: But I need to maintain some perspective here — I don’t NEED this thing by Christmas.
[14:25] ginnielizz: Right.
[14:25] ginnielizz: And how much time are you REALLY going to have to play it before then anyway?
[14:25] ginnielizz: I mean, you’re going out East for the holidays.
[14:25] ginnielizz: You can’t play it there.
[14:25] ginnielizz: And this season is so damn busy…
[14:25] Hasukawa: Before Christmas?
[14:25] Hasukawa: Oh, I’m breaking up with you if I find one. I just can’t spare the time.


  1. I do want one. He wants one. Wii want one.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    But DAMN are they hard to find right now. I’ve been shot down by so many stores now! Fingers crossed for a tax-free find in Oregon while we’re at the folks’ for Thanksgiving… until then, I at least expect a good detailed post on it, OD!

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