Two card stud?

Man, I hate shopping — I love merchandise, don’t get me wrong. I just hate lines, parking, fitting rooms, etc. So I adore the Internet for such things, especially since my inner miser has forced me to become extremely savvy about how to get free shipping deals. But sometimes, Internet shopping bites you in the ass.

We recently did some Christmas shopping at Ballard Designs, where we came across this really cool-seeming bone playing card deck.

Sadly, it turned out to kind of suck. Aside from the crappy pixelated printing that in no way fits the antique feel, and the total lack of the alleged storage box, we failed to realize that these cards come with two holders so players can set them like Scrabble tiles. TWO. Who the frack plays a two-man game of poker? You don’t buy HUNDRED DOLLAR BONE PLAYING CARDS to play a game of GO FISH, Ballard Designs.

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