Feline & Fire Safety

Last night, Trumpet came to bed along with Grant, a couple hours after I’d turned in. Grant is usually very subtle and conscientious about not waking me up, but last night a weird acrid smell pricked in my nostrils and disturbed my slumber. Want to take bets as to what it was?

Our dear kitty, whom I’ve often maintained is very very cute but not very bright, managed to singe a patch of fur on his left rear haunch. Apparently a candle I’d left burning was in the way of his butt at some point. I’m freaked out now, because I’ve often burned candles and it’s never seemed to be a problem before.

Poor kitty! Not only is he still missing a spot of fur from when we took him to the vet and they shaved a spot for injections, but now he’s all matted and burnt in back. Maybe he’ll start a new trend. (I’d take a picture, but it really doesn’t show at all — I think he may have chewed off the offending hair in a grooming fit or something.)

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  1. Trumpet is such a silly kitty! I’m glad to know that the little kitty bung is still attached (and hasn’t burned shut or whatever). I now know of two kitties who have crazy and scary injuries this past month.

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