Banana nut bread

I made my first-ever banana bread this weekend, since we had two squishy-soft fruits that my terrible no good very bad husband failed to eat in their prime. I loosely based it off this recipe, which had completely insane faults like directions that didn’t match the ingredients (with a note that said so) but I managed to improvise and it came out just fine. It also helped use up the sour cream from Thanksgiving — more leftover success!

I also divided up the batter so it wound up approximately 2/3 muffins and 1/3 loaf, because the only loaf pan I had was a teeny tiny toy-ish one from three toaster ovens ago. (Aluminum, too, but oh well.) They worked out quite nicely in both formats, but it was a useful reminder to me to always check the oven before the professed cook time is up — the muffins took less than half the time of the loaf.

I’m trying to learn a bit more about the chemistry of baking, so that my substitution guesses will produce better results. I *think* I’ve figured out that this recipe called for only baking soda but still rose because the sour cream was an acidic agent. We’ll go with that for now, anyway!

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