Citrus x Limon

I’ve lemonadebeen consuming an awful lot of lemonade lately.

They say lemon water is an excellent thing to drink to help alkalize your system and detoxify any impurities and whatnot. And who knows where “they” get that sort of thing, but I’ve always really enjoyed lemon water, so why the hell not?

Lately, I’ve been drinking a lot of it, though. And I started adding some delicious vanilla-bean-infused sugar, too, and making my own scrumptious vanilla lemonade. (I know it’s not as healthy like that, I know — but it IS even more delicious and summery, especially when it’s hot out!)

But we’re talking ten lemons worth of lemonade in the past 24 hours. Can you get lemon poisoning, I wonder? Here’s hoping no.

At least now I’m all out of lemons and have to stop.


  1. So I guess I’m buying some lemons on the way home tonight, eh?

    Don’t forget about the part where I really don’t like the actual vanilla bean taste, but love the weird synthetic substitute that theoretically tastes like it.

    I’m unpredictable.

  2. Yeah, but I don’t use that cheap-ass fake vanilla crap.

    Which just means I get to drink your glass of the real thing. :)

    Buy more lemons, please.

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