Dear Ginnie

Hey Imaginary Readers, Boy do I have an offer for you! Okay, scratch that: Calling on your help, Imaginary Readers! Nah, too desperate.?? Here’s the deal:

The awesome editor-creator-type-guy at Seattle Pulse is all for my wonderful idea of doing an advice column for the site. It won’t be particularly “Miss Manners” nor “Savage Love“, but somewhere in between, with a healthy dose of insulting humor and the like. I mean, in some form I may try to give real advice, but really, this is just another forum for me to vent and be funny and generally generate more web traffic. So, here’s the deal: once I bug David about getting this set up somehow, I need submissions

Even if you’re just kidding, or you’re dead serious, or you want to see how serious I am, or you’re seriously ill in the head, please please PLEASE just email me queries I can mouth off about.?? Doesn’t matter what the subject matter is – I make no promises as to the quality of advice just yet, but I will do my best, you have my word.

Please send submissions to, since I’m not sure if the site will get set up for this anytime soon.?? Or, if you feel like it, just put them in the “comments” field here and I’ll work with it (though that outs you to my general readership, be warned!)

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