Fashion Week 2008

A couple weeks ago, the gals from Go Fug Yourself put out a call for questions about Fashion Week. So I did… and they answered some of my questions in their Fashion Week follow-up, and even left two with my original wording!

Here are my questions (my wording in bold):

Do people recognize you at the shows designers, celebrities, Fug favorites like Chloë Sevigny and if so, is it high noon at the OK Corral, or are you able to observe more unnoticed? Do you ever get people sucking up to you horrendously once they figure out that your pen is mightier than their leggings line?

FUG GIRLS: Nobody has recognized us that we know of and honestly, we’d be surprised if they ever tried, not least because the cluster of reporters, photographers, and flashbulbs is so dizzying. We’re pretty sure celebrities barely have a chance to check that they’re in the right seat, much less wonder where those two cranky girl bloggers might be. And we’re never backstage, so we don’t interact with the designers.

Of all the celebrities you’ve seen at Fashion Week, were you surprised by any of their appearances? Whose skin looks like leather? Who has secret varicose veins and bunions? Who shows up all flaky from some chemical peel?

FUG GIRLS: Parker Posey looked a little rough last season, although having since seen her terrible short-lived Fox show The Return of Jezebel James, we can understand why. As former models go, we weren’t blown away by Veronica Webb and Helena Christensen, both of whom mostly looked tired. However, most of them are all spackled up and dressed to the nines, so we’re more struck by people who don’t get sufficient credit for their hotness for instance, in person, Aisha Tyler is six feet of awesome.

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  1. I’ve only been reading since the last few posts, but I am enjoying your views more and more. I’ll be back for more and will be sure to subscribe!

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