I’m sticking with the crappy beta, I think

So I’ve decided I’m sticking with the crappy BlogTastic beta, I think. Why? Well, I could go on about how it was fate that I picked this one, or about how the universe has directed me to a comment-free bugged beta bloghost for a cosmically salient reason – but the truth is, I’m too lazy to learn a new interface, plus I like the grass. So BlogTastic it is, my friends. Oops, I mean my imaginary readers. Because, see, with no comments function, I actually have very little clue as to how many of you there might be. Alas. I might have an e-ARMY! Hey if I ever decide to mobilize for a just cause, will y’all join me? I’ll keep you posted. Anyway, it’s probably better off that I can’t get comments, because then I’d just be sad when no one actually wrote any comments – whereas now, I can imagine that there’s this mass of readers who are just DYING to tell me all about how great/funny/annoying/witty/embarrassing/boring/other I am, but they can’t, for lack of a functional comments” section. See how easy that is?

On a completely unrelated subject, I’m reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, and it made me start thinking — why is it that some trends stick in fashion, and not others? And don’t go telling me that some are cute and some not so much — because, can I just say, there are some ugly-ass trends out there these days. I’m not going to list them all, because, if nothing else, I’d probably offend some of my friends who read this, but I have to just complain about one trend here: capri pants with boots. NOT OKAY. Never gonna be okay. Boots are for cold weather, capris are for warm weather. Mixing them is like mixing, I dunno, piña coladas and apple cider, or chopped liver and maraschino cherries, or oil and water, or Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher. OK, I’m done for now.

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