Man, what a boring blog!

Seriously. Who even reads this?

Thanks to Christian’s help, I can now sort of answer that question, but it doesn’t help much. I pretty much just get spam comments for Levitra now. Which is truly my own fault — it’s been SO LONG since I’ve paid this poor blog proper attention. The hiatus has been largely due to some tech issues, and they’re now mostly solved, at last.

And thanks, too, to help from my dear “domestic partner”, as the kids are calling it these days. Having a free in-house graphic designer pretty much rocks. This and my newly-revamped skincare website,, sport rockin’ graphics and customized tweaks that were all the work of The Amazing Grant.

In all my tech-unsavvy months of waiting, I’ve been mentally saving up all these witty blog posts that are now rendered totally pointless. So why don’t I just give you an abridged version? (Yep, New Imaginary Readers, trust me: this *is* abridged for me. Check the archives.)

Outdated Post #1: People Dress Like Idiots

Case(s) in point: Drop-waisted coats are probably the ugliest and most unflattering trend of 2007.

Second Dumb Coat

That, or the stupid tuck-your-jeans-into-boots thing. Especially when those jeans are baggy and those boots are tight. COME on, people! Not flattering! Katie Holmes, for shame.
These Girls All Look DumbEven Katie Holmes Looks Dumb

These girls all look dumb. This makes me sad. Trends do not have to be so regrettable. Sigh. Alas, two years from now when everyone’s over the totally hot drop-waisted coat fad, they’ll probably start to grow on me.

Outdated Post #2: What is Up with the Pumpkins?

I went for a walk with my friend Jill around Green Lake, just before Thanksgiving. And there were TONS of pumpkins discarded all over the lake! Very strange. It was well after Halloween, and it was as if the entire neighborhood had collectively decided to litter their old squashes there. And, I mean, that’s a nice neighborhood, ya know? You don’t see trees strewn with TP in all the front yards of Green Lake houses after Halloween. So why the pumpkins?



I mean seriously. Throw away your pumpkins, people. What happens when they rot? Are you trying to poison the ducks?

…Yeah, so that’s pretty much been it these past few months — bitchin’ about ugly clothes and fruit litter. Oh, and I don’t have a JOB, as I was let go exactly two weeks after Grant was laid off from HIS job back in October, so yeah. But Grant’s just accepted a great new position, and I’ve been juggling lots of interviews and things are looking much better now that we’re in the new year, so hurrah! 2008 is all about being in a job you actually enjoy, with people you like to work with. Thankfully, the interviews I’ve been on so far have only been with exceptional people, and even if nothing comes of it, it’s been a refreshing start to the year!

But yeah, being unemployed and all, I really have no excuse for not having blogged all this time. I’ll make it up to you, Imaginary Readers. I promise.

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