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So being unemployed has its positives and negatives, but I find that I kind of miss the assholery that sometimes goes on in the workplace. Sure, I miss a real paycheck and having an active mind for forty hours a week and all that, but I really, REALLY miss the pranks.

And I never worked in the most prank-tastic offices ever, either. At the law firm, Ann used to occasionally just throw random shit over the cubicle divider into my lap, and she had surprisingly good aim given that she had no line of sight. It was uncanny.

But more fun than that was when we’d get on the office intercom and page ourselves to our own phones. “Virginia, please call extension 115. Extension 115 please, Virginia.” Over and over. And the attorneys were so involved in their stuff that they never really noticed.

But Something Awful’s office prank thread yielded the best one I’ve ever heard of. Simple, easy, and pricelessly funny:

I tried this one once.

Take a screenshot of the victim’s desktop, then set that picture as their background. Then uncheck “show desktop icons” under “arrange icons by.”

Effect: Them hopelessly clicking on an icon trying to open the folder/file with nothing happening.

Freakin’ amazing. Almost as good as Jim’s Nickel Phone Prank. (You have to read through some other pranks to get to it, but it’s worth it.)

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