Project O’ The Day

Less than one minute into my work day, my right sandal fell apart. Specifically, the two industrial staples and two deep nail/rivet things popped right out of the wooden footbed, leaving nothing to hold down the leather strap keeping my foot in the sandal. GRR!

However, no task is too daunting for this handy lass. I MacGyvered my shoe back together using my dexterity, the original two staples and one of the nails (the other had gone missing), plus a few more Swingline staples and some Scotch tape from a coworker’s desk. (He also loaned me a screwdriver, so I could stop using my CamelBak water bottle to hammer everything together.)

So far, so good! I may not exactly build my own furniture, but don’t ever say I ain’t handy!

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