Pink is the new blue

Yep, scratch all that blue stuff, I knew it’d get better. When I called to cancel my credit card this morning, there was a note on their system that my wallet was at J. Crew. So I called and they let me pick it up at 7:20 am even though they were clearly nowhere near open, and all my dinero was intact and everything. I had already cancelled my debit card, but I can live without that for a few days. So, yay, I don’t have to spend my birthday tracking down a new driver’s license or anything annoying like that.

And oh yeah, did I mention, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!? And I’m a Quarter Of A Century old? Woo! Thanks to everyone who’s made it awesome already. Yep, my usual rosy pink-tinted lenses are securely back in place. And they match my dress, heh heh. Life is good :)

Annoying bubble-gum-chewing teenybop-style shoutouts (because it’s my birthday and I’ll shout if I want to):

Ann #1: Thanks for picking up dinner – I swear the “I can’t find my wallet” thing wasn’t on purpose!

Ann #2: Thanks for the awesome presents waiting as a happy surprise on my desk this morning!

Karen: Thanks for the e-card! It finally opened and you are THE CUTEST!

Jen (one n): Welcome home, I missed you!

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