Weekly Updates in Ginnieland

So, what is there to tell of note?

1) I am so very awesome that I mistook a per-person charge as a per-table charge at my swanky dinner on Friday night. And I am thus extremely and painfully broke. But it was delicious and we got free champagne and tuna tartare just because I’m so very awesome, so that helps make up for it.

2) On Sunday I jogged 2.5 miles with almost no trouble (approximately 2.3 miles longer than my normal tolerance), cleaned out and rearranged all my crap in the basement and garage, worked on my website for three hours, put together two large pieces of Ikea furniture, cleaned up the Ikea carnage, reconfigured some stuff on my NEW LAPTOP (!), and got up early this morning to work overtime. I am Superwoman! Wonder Woman? Cat Lady, perhaps? Meh, I’m awesome.

3) New Seattle Pulse article is up, check it out if you like meat and/or weird things. Otherwise, trust me, don’t click.

4) I am hella sore from said jog.

5) Drinking vegetables stuck in a blender has actually become pleasant for me. As in, I look forward to it, and nothing else in the grocery store really appeals to me anymore, besides chocolate of course. Very impressive.

6) Did I mention I have a NEW LAPTOP!!???? Yeah, baby. And with it a free printer, wireless router, and free antivirus software. And my printer scans and makes copies. YEAH, BABY!

In closing, it’s no Free Post-It Tape Flag Pen, but it’s up there!

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