Why is it sad?

I am so bothered right now.?? I’ve been in a pissy mood for the past week and it’s part hormonal and part haven’t-slept-well-all-week and part emotional and part just random fluke, but I’m sick of being all pissy.?? Rrr.

So my roomie just quoted from her law school text that the case they’re citing is called “Black and White Taxi Cab and Transfer Company vs. Brown and Yellow Taxi Cab and Transfer Company” and not only is that ridiculous sounding but, as she pointed out, they’re racist.

And then we got into this debate because I was like “that’s funny I’m going to type that in my blog” and then I tried to write the word “roommate” but I got bothered by the double-m so I changed it to “roomie” but then I asked her and she said she spells “roommate” with two m’s because it’s “room” and “mate” and I said yeah, but I’m bothered by the double bilabial voiced consonant in the middle and she was like now you have to put THAT in your blog, and I was like nah, I only want to make YOU look like a dork, not me, but then I got soft and put the me-dork thing in too.

Wow so today’s blog is NOT SO MUCH ON THE INTERESTING SIDE, HUH? Sheesh. Like any of you imaginary readers care about bilabial voiced consonants and colored racist taxis and my roomMate and I bantering stupidly in a fricking cafe.?? Please, just stop reading now, I’m embarrassed for you that you are actually reading this.?? Stop, it is bringing shame to you and your family.?? I’m going to quit while I’m ahead, except that I’m actually quite behind.?? I’m going to go back to doing my Fake Latin Homework now.

PS so my Latin buddy as I like to call him (but I don’t mean like some 20-yr-old thong-wearing poolboy named Jos??; I mean the white middle-aged guy that I’m learning Latin with for fun) just wrote me an email and he signed it “Edwardus” which is like a Latin pun on his actual name “Edward” and tell me that isn’t cute and funny.?? My name doesn’t have a cute Latin version, sigh.?? But I DO have a name that sounds like I could be Catalan, and my last name even sounds like a non-existent Catalan word that, if it did exist, would mean “really big spoon”, like a ladle or something.?? I’m not kidding.?? Anyway when I was living in Barcelona I wanted to badly to assimilate and BE Catalan so I used to write my name Virg??nia because in Catalan it would have an accent on the middle ???i??? and I also invented a second last name because on any paperwork you had to fill out there there was space for two last names since Catalans have two, so I???d write in a second one so I didn???t feel left out, it was fun.?? Maybe someday I???ll get it legally added on.?? The second last name was actually picked out by my crew of friends because I think I was a novelty for them since I picked up Catalan pretty quickly, so they coined my second last name “Fabra” because the most famous Catalan linguist was named Pompeu Fabra so it was fitting.?? So I went around pretending my name was Virg??nia ____ i Fabra, I kid you not.?? Like on my library card application and stuff.?? No one ever challenged it.?? (I had written in my real last name in the blank before, the one that could concievably be Catalan for “really big spoon”, but then I took it out because I don’t want anyone to easily identify this site with my name if they were to Google me or something, because, even though I have a secret fantasy idea that this blog will somehow get me a cool writing job, I’m grounded enough to realize it probably looks far more un-professional than professional, and I should therefore attempt to be discreet. Yes, I ACTUALLY put that much thought into the whole process. WTF?)

PPS Stop reading this.?? I promise it will go back to not sucking if I post while I???m at work ??? I think that???s the secret.?? Hang in there, only two more days.

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