Holly Jolly Roberts

Grant and I were on a mini road trip this weekend, during which we briefly tuned in to Christmas music. Listening to all the predictable, same old tunes jingling about the various joys of the season, I had a sudden epiphany: I AM TOTALLY GOING TO WRITE A HIT CHRISTMAS CAROL. For real. I don’t… Continue reading Holly Jolly Roberts

Hold with Music

Turns out Apple’s call center has the best hold music I’ve ever heard to date. I suppose the pioneers of modern music media wouldn’t settle for anything less… but I might start calling on during busy times just to rock out. On that note, I’m reminded of the time when the divorce firm I worked… Continue reading Hold with Music

Sound Transit beats

I feel like I’m in a Volkswagen commercial. I’m sandwiched between two other bus commuters who were previously both yammering loudly. But they finally shut up and both started listening to music. And for the past two-ish tracks, we’ve all been subtly tapping our feet/fingers/neighbors in PERFECT TIME with each other. Aww, Loud White Tapper… Continue reading Sound Transit beats

Sixteen gigs of PURE JOY.

So this iPhone thing is pretty damn cool. But I have to say, I feel pretty damn slow on the whole “über-intuitive Apple interface” thing. Given that I’ve never owned an iPod, or even a decent MP3 player or a complicated phone, I feel pretty behind. I only even touched iTunes a few months ago,… Continue reading Sixteen gigs of PURE JOY.

Death cab…

…for BABY! I swear to God, we were the oldest people at that show by at least a decade. Okay I exaggerate a bit, but holy hell, was that a teenybopper concert! Evidenced by the next day when I was having dinner with my roommate and her 16 year old little sister and her boyfriend,… Continue reading Death cab…